Resistance to Household Products

  • Red Wine, Coffee, Oil, Coke, Tea, Beer have no visible effect.
  • Permanent markers, Ink & Mustard need aggressive cleaning. Softcsrub gel with bleach or liquid bleach can help clean off these stains.
  • Standard household cleaners, Detergents, Pure Acetone, Ammonia ( < 10% solution have no effect

  • What to Avoid

  • Sudden intense heat may cause thermal shock.
  • Avoid products containing trichloroethane or methylene chloride such as paint removers or strippers, and aggressive cleaning agents such as oven or grill cleaners.
  • Most common acids have no effect but prolonged exposure to concentrated solutions of Nitric or Hydrofluoric acids will react with the quartz.
  • Avoid bases in high concentration, they will etch the stone.