Quartz is crystalized silicon dioxide, normally white or transparent, its extremely hard and resistant to acids.

EuroStone is made of upto 93-94% natural Quartz and 6-7% of a polyester resin binder to produce a recomposed material with physical properties and performance characteristics better than natural stone.

The process entails vibro-compression under vacuum at high pressure, then hardened further in hot catalytic chambers. The hot catalyzed polyester resin renders excellent impact resistance, flexural strength, extremely low porosity, resistance to acids, abrasives and wear.

Quartz is therefore the material of choice for surfaces subjected to heavy wear & tear, such as Kitchens, Bathrooms, Table Tops, Counters (domestic or commercial), Stair Treads, flooring in domestic and public areas such as malls and airports.

EuroStone combines the qualities of Quartz and innovations in Italian design to offer a unique product in 70 different colors and finishes, unrivaled in the stone industry.

EuroStone is the product of choice for Architects and Designers.

EuroStone Features:

  • Non-Porous
  • Heat Resistant
  • Exceptional Strength
  • Scratch and Chip Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Durable and Maintenance Free
  • Resistant to Chemicals & Acids