Applications Eurostone Quartz is ideal for interior commercial and residential applications, including kitchen countertops, Kitchen Sinks (pre-fabricated), flooring tile, bar-tops, vanities, shower walls and tub surrounds, interior cladding, and furniture pieces. This product is not suitable for exterior use, discoloration occurs with exposure to UV radiation. There is no warranty for outdoor use.


  • 55" (140Cm) x 120" (305Cm) - Standard
  • Thickness options of 2cm (3/4"), 3cm (1 1/4"), 1.3cm (1/2") on limited colors.
    Usable slab surface is slightly less because of the raw edge of the slab.

  • Finishes

  • Polished (Gloss), Grain (Honed), Jaipur (Honed and textured), Rocface (Textured and rough).

  • Storage Store on two equal support frames to prevent warping. Store slabs face to face with the last slab facing in to prevent exposure to UV radiation. Tiles should be stored indoors to avoid moisture.

    Visual Inspection Before cutting the stone, clean and inspect the slab in direct light for Defects, Blemishes, Hairline Cracks, Chips, inconsistent polish and Manufacturing flaws. Make sure that slabs match in color and are from the same batch. If you encounter a problem, do not use the slab and contact EuroStone for a resolution. Claims will not accepted once the slabs have been cut or altered in any way.


    Eurostone is harder than granite. Use wet diamond cutting, drilling and polishing tools only with plenty of water to avoid generating excessive heat. All inside corners must be radiused using a 1/4"-1/2" bit. Do not cut square corners, this may produce hairline cracks which open later. Do not interfere with the original finish of the slab, it will not match the factory finish. Do not polish seams. Eurostone can only be wet polished using diamond pads.

    Leave 1/8" clearance on all sides to allow for expansion, including the edge between an appliance.

    Cutouts Allow a minimum of 12" between a cutout and a joint. If less the joint needs to be supported.
    Drill the inside corners and cut to the corner not damaging the radius corner.
    Do not cross cut

    Edge Detail A minimum of 1/8" bevel or round pencil edge is recommended. Polishing the edge should be progressive using diamond pads starting with a 100 grit upto 3000 grit until it matches the surface polish. Do not use buffing pads. Mitered edges are weak and prone to chipping. They should be cut at 45° with a 1/8" eased edge to reduce the risk of chipping. This edge is mostly recommended for our Textured and honed materials only.

    Jaipur (textured), Rocface, and Grain (honed) finishes. These finishes are made to mimic natural materials. The brushed, textured, non-uniform surface of Jaipur and Rocface, may show variations in texture, color and tones all within the same slab. These intended variations are not faults but organic enhancements. Not any two slab has the same texture. The Grain finish is our way of honing which minimizes finger prints etc. These products should be sold and fabricated with these concepts in mind.
  • Care must be taken to ensure acceptable transition where slabs meet.
  • Mitered edges are recommended for these finishes.
  • 200-400 grit honing of other edges comes close to the Grain finish
  • Do not interfere with the surface of the slab. These finishes can not be duplicated in the field.
  • It is required that these finishes be sealed as follows: slabs must be cleaned, allowed to dry and be coated with one coat of sealer recommended by Eurostone before cutting. A second coat should be applied after installation and final cleaning.
  • These finishes require more maintenance than a polished surface. Use of the sealer will minimize this issue.

  • Adhesives Use 100% clear silicone adhesive to glue the slab to the sub-top or backsplash. Do not glue the whole surface. The wood expands and contract at a different rate to the stone. Therefore do not use non-flexible adhesives, such as epoxies, liquid nails, or construction adhesive. Claims of cracks caused by this misuse will not be honored.

    Preparing Base Units / Cabinets Verify that tops of cabinets are level and ready for installation complete and satisfactorily installed. Verify that all cabinets are level. The stone is not made to bridge gaps and needs support over dishwashers etc. Support overhangs exceeding 8". Remember to allow 1/8” gap between the stone and the wall to allow for expansion, use silicone to glue the stone to the sub-top, use extra silicon along joints, and do not install mechanical fasteners into the stone. All sinks should be fully supported independent of the stone top to avoid stress on the countertop. Front to back additional support is recommended for the cutouts. All joints should be supported. A 3/4" plywood subtop is recommended.


    EuroStone Quartz surfaces have been designed to require minimum maintenance. The product is non porous and resists most stains.

    Polished Surfaces Simply wipe the surface using a cloth or sponge with soap and warm water to maintain the beauty and shine. For more stubborn food stains, use a multipurpose house cleaner or soft scrub gel with bleach and wipe with soap & water. Adhered material such as gum or paint can be removed by scraping with a sharp blade and then clean with a cleaning agent. Do not use paint thinners or Varnish removers.

    Grain (honed) Finish Stones. This surface may be cleaned with a sponge and soap for everyday maintenance. Do not rub hard with a scouring pad as this action may cause blemish marks on the surface. Also note that grease leaves marks on the darker Grain colors, but these marks can be easily removed using a mild detergent. It is recommended that the Grain finishes be sealed per instructions on the textured finishes.

    Jaipur + Rocface Finish Stones. Jaipur models (Anis, Pepper, Vanilla, Ginger, Thyme) & Rocface finish models are cleaned much the same as the grain finish. If left for a long period, Tea, Coffee, Red Wine, Markers, Ink & Mustard may leave a mark. This will easily clean with soft scrub gel with bleach, wash with water to remove any residue. To minimize this effect, it is recommended that these surfaces be sealed per instructions on the textured finishes.

    Mother of Pearl (Lido, Pittiperla, Poloperla): This natural product (mostly calcium carbonate) is unpredictable in composition and needs extra care. The mother of pearl shell is softer than the Quartz material and may react with acids. Avoid acids and acidic cleaners on these models (Neutral cleaners or alcohol are best used to clean). Acidic foods such as lemon or tomato juice, Vinegar, red wine, yogurt etc. should not be left on these surfaces and should be wiped off as quickly as possible. It is not uncommon for some smaller pieces to dislodge from the slab. This does not constitute a defect and the void can be filled with a suitable material.


    Avoid exposing your EuroStone surface to strong chemicals and solvents, especially solvents that contain trichlorethane or methylene chloride such as paint strippers. Avoid aggressive cleaning agents such as oven, furniture cleaners and bleach. Permanent markers, ink, lipstick and other coloring agents may leave marks that will need aggressive cleaning.

    Pure concentration of Acetone and Mineral Spirit can safely be used to clean Eurostone

    Intense Heat. Although EuroStone is resistant to moderately hot temperatures, it may be damaged by sudden or prolonged extreme heat. This can cause thermal shock resulting in a crack. Extreme heat may also discolor some of the darker colors. Therefore it is recommended that you avoid direct contact with hot items. Trivets or hot pads should always be used. It is also not advisable to place electric fry-pans, Kettles or woks directly on the stone surface for the same reasons, as poorly designed appliances may overheat.

    Scratches. EuroStone is extremely scratch resistant but not indestructible. Do not use as a cutting board.


    Jaipur, Grain + Rocface

    Jaipur These finishes are made to mimic natural materials. The brushed, textured, undulating, non-uniform surface of Jaipur, has variations of texture, color and tones, all within the same slab.

    Rocface has the undulations of Jaipur and feels like rock and the Grain is our way of honing which minimizes finger prints etc.

    The intended variation in these textures are not faults but rather organic enhancements.

    These products must be sold and fabricated with this concept in mind.

    These special surface finishes should not be interfered with and cannot be duplicated in the field. Breaking the finish will make the slab vulnerable to staining thus voiding the warranty.

    K Stone The K stone line mimics natural marbles with unpredictable veining. It’s advised that customers view the veining on the K Stone prior to fabrication.


    Customers must view and sign off on the "Jaipur", "Rocface" & " K Stone" slabs before they are fabricated. Once installed, dislikes of variation in texture or veining will not be accepted.

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